please follow instructions APA format and references and citations

please follow instructions APA format and references and citations.

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Project Part 2: Access Controls Procedure Guide


Changing access controls can have some undesirable effects. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider changes before making them and provide mechanisms to reverse changes if they have unexpected consequences.

Always Fresh management has asked you to develop procedures for changing any access controls. The purpose of these procedures is to ensure that staff:

  • Understand and document the purpose of each access control changerequest
  • Understand the scope of the change, both with respect to users, computers, andobjects
  • Understand how to undo any change ifnecessary
  • Status or setting prior to anychange
  • Change toimplement
  • Status or setting after thechange
  • Internetaccess
  • Coursetextbook
  • Format: Microsoft Word (orcompatible)
  • Font: Arial, size 12,double-space
  • I followed the submissionguidelines.

§ Know what access controls were in place before anychanges

§ Get an approval of change bymanagement

§ Have evaluated the expected impact of thechange

§ Know how to evaluate whether the change meets thegoals


Create a guide that security personnel will use that includes procedures for implementing an access control change.

The procedure guide must contain the steps Always Fresh security personnel should take to evaluate and implement an access control change. You can assume any change requests you receive are approved.

Ensure that your procedures include the following:

§ Reason for thechange

§ Scope of thechange

§ Impact of thechange

§ Process to evaluate thechange

Required Resources

Submission Requirements

§ Citation Style: Follow your school’s preferred style guide

§ Length: 2 to 4pages

Self-Assessment Checklist

§I created a procedure guide that provides clear instructions that anyone with a basictechnical knowledge base canfollow.

§I created a well-developed and formatted procedure guide with proper grammar, spelling,and punctuation.

please follow instructions APA format and references and citations

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