please Read the instructions and the requirements. Make sure that if you can’t do it don’t bid.

please Read the instructions and the requirements. Make sure that if you can’t do it don’t bid..

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1/Write a summary report on the IT infrastructure that meets the following criteria:

includes a description of the company’s IT infrastructure

· Defines the items and components included in the company’s infrastructure, including network infrastructure, capacity, bandwidth, hardware, software systems, and applications.

· Describes the current IT security procedures and systems 700 words

2/ Write a 1500-word report on the ERP system that includes:

· What types of decisions this application supports?

· What functional or operational tasks of managers can be better performed with the application?

· Identification of the class to which this system belongs and why (i.e., SCM, FPFR, CRM or an HRM software).

· Identification of the industry segments in which this application is most popularly used (Ex: Financial services, banking, consumer retail, fashion garment retail, healthcare, etc.)

· Description of the relevant details for implementation of this system: cost, time, training cost and time needed, customization cost and time needed, hardware requirements, etc.

Design a prototype database using an illustrative ER diagram, which meets the following criteria:

· The design should include at least 4 tables

· The tables should have primary keys and must be linked. The link will be through the mechanism of foreign keys, i.e, placing the key from one table as a field in a second table.

· Data split into more than one table based on 1:1 or 1:M relationships

· Use Microsoft Excel show the tables, fields, records, and data for the Prototype Database.

Note. Submit the design of your database as an ER diagram. You may use Word, PowerPoint, Creately, LucidCharts, or any other software of your choice to design this diagram. You are not required to design your prototype database in Microsoft Access.

3. Create a 8-10 minute, 7-10 slide narrated presentation (including slide notes) in which you

· Describe the rationale for what business problems your database can solve for your company

· Illustrate 4 different examples in which data from your database can be used with analytic techniques to support operational decisions and competitive advantage

· Include a discussion of how this would differ or be similar to applying mining techniques to your data.

4. Write a report which describes the electronic business strategy being pursued by the company you have chosen. Include specific consideration of the following questions:

· What recent trends in the internet and web strategies has the company adopted?

· Which aspects of business strategy is being supported, enhanced and improved by the company’s electronic business strategy?

· How can mobile commerce and social media strategy further business goals and outcomes for the company?

5. Write 700 words strategy proposal for your IT Strategy and Plan Project that includes the following: • Strategy and proposal for enhancing, improving and innovating the current IT infrastructure of the company.
Addresses how and why this proposal will support and align with the company’s business strategy

6. Write a proposal paper on the IT strategy and plan for the company that you have chosen:

Include all of the following components in your paper:
• Each of the previous sections should be revised based on feedback and integrated to produce a coherent IT Strategy and Plan Document for

the company under the following headings:
o Choice and Description of a Company
o IT Context for a Company
o Electronic Business Strategy of the Company o Measuring Performance of IT Systems

o Strategy Proposal

Add the following discussion section:
• Proposed Resources and Project Management 700 pages

o What resources you will need for implementing the proposed plan?
o Address project management timeline and resources, implementation challenges you expect, and two year budget for the proposed

Note. This is not a budgeting exercise, so the emphasis is on realistic cost projections.

7-minutes Presentation briefly explain the whole report.

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please Read the instructions and the requirements. Make sure that if you can’t do it don’t bid.

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