poetry verse selections

Oral Interpretation of Children’s Literature.

Performance: (3-4 min.) Prepare and present 3 short verse selections surrounding a theme to perform for the class, who will function as your “audience of children”. You will be utilizing the “Read Aloud” method of Oral Interpretation.

  • 1 nursery rhyme you feel would appeal to very young children (infants-toddlers)
  • 1 poem that would appeal to young children (Preschool -Grade 2)
  • 1 poem that would appeal to older children (Grade 3 or above).

Paper: Include the following in your written analysis (double space):

1. Explain why you chose your theme and selections.

2. Discuss why you feel each selection is age appropriate.

3. For each verse, identify the sound devices, poetic voice and figurative language present.

4. Identify the vocal/performance skills you will focus on and utilize to communicate the poems

to your audience.

5. Provide a copy of each poem/verse selection with interpretive markings shown.

6. Include a complete bibliography of all selections.

The assignment paper as well as a sample of what’s expected will be included below!

Thank you!

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