Policy making / Public policy

Policy making / Public policy.

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1.The course research paper will be one of the opportunities to demonstrate your ability to apply the theories, concepts, models of policy making process, and analysis approaches you have learned and gain throughout the course learning activities. write 2 pages and please provide reference.

Review all readings materials covered in last 7 weeks. Particularly review the process of policy making elements: for your research paper.

  • Policy Issue Emergency
  • Agenda Setting
  • Policy formulation
    • Alternative Selection
    • Policy Design
    • Policy adoption/Enactment
  • Policy Implementation
  • Policy Evaluation

2. In every election, especially in California, there are many propositions that ask voters to approve. Sometimes there are propositions that aim to re-visit issues or initiatives that were passed in previous election with anew proposals, such as the plastic bag ban policy. Do you think the process of initiative and referendum are the best practice for policy making? What is the pros and cons for this process? write one page please provide reference.

Policy making / Public policy

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