Political Rhetoric Essay

Political Rhetoric Essay.

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This is a short essay for my political rhetoric class regarding the 2016 presidential debates. The guidelines are listed below:



Due Date: Mar. 6 by 11:59 PM

Points Possible: 25 points

Page Requirements: 2-3 pages (if header, factor that in to the length)

1” margins, double-spaced

Your paper should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. With that said, since the page requirement is short, your intro and conclusion should not be the entire first page.

With this paper, you are asked to summarize and analyze a portion of one of the 2016 presidential debates (or any other debate you’re familiar with). If you’d prefer to do something other than a debate, please check in with me before starting your paper.

Your body should include these two components:

  • Approx. one paragraph summarizing a main topic from the debate. At some point, either here or in the intro, you should be clear which debate you are discussing. Be sure you’re using quotes from the debate to support.
  • Approx. one paragraph discussing one key point made by two different candidates (use time stamps when you reference specific quotes). To avoid any confusion, you should focus on the same topic that you picked in the first paragraph.
  • Approx. three paragraphs using a theory or concept from Week Five, Six, or Seven analyzing the points and what the candidates are trying to do with them.
  • Theories or concepts you may use include: Epideictic versus Deliberative analysis (Jamieson), the use of substance in the speech (Nelson), minstrel political themes in the speech (Sparks), Humor in Political Debates (Peifer and Holbert), Finding Her Voice (Bligh, et. al), Situating Trump (Ott)

    Grading note: As you submit your paper, you will notice a comments section. In this section, submit a grade for yourself based on the rubric below. The prompt will have more information on what I hope you do with this prompt. I will average this grade with the grade I believe you earned. The rubric is on the following page.

    Citation note: No reference page required, unless you use information outside of the class text. However, you must provide page numbers when you cite or discuss a portion of the readings. You should definitely be citing the reading to support.

    Grade Based On

    Points Possible


  • Free of spelling and grammatical errors
  • Readable with the use of active verbs
  • Meets length requirement
  • Intro and conclusion
  • /5


  • Provides a general idea of the debate (when, where, moderator, etc.)
  • Summarizes one topic of the debate
  • Quote from the debate
  • +


    Key Points from Debate

  • One key point from each candidate (on same topic focused on in debate summary)
  • Uses at least one quote from each candidate
  • +


    Connection to Theory

  • Summarizes the theory
  • Only uses one theory throughout
  • Uses quotes from text
  • +




    Political Rhetoric Essay

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