PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation.

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Capstone – Check Point Presentation

Do a Capstone PowerPoint presentation from Round 1-3 results

  • The presentation covers all capstone sections such as; R&D, Marketing, production, Human Resources, and Finance
  • This is a group presentation, and each Student will cover one section. For me I will cover the Finance section ONLY.
  • So, For this presentation you only will do the Finance part, and you have to do the following:
    • Finance Strategy
    • Funding Decisions
    • Leverage Ratio
    • Sales
    • Profits
    • Contribution Margin
    • Key Takeaways

To have a clear picture about what you should to do, please look at all the attached PowerPoint presentations.

  • In presentation you should explain the firm’s strategy and its evolution over the rounds/years.
  • Discuss results and key drivers/causes of those results.
  • Discuss the decisions made in the last round 1-3 and the rationale for those decisions.
  • Discuss decisions made for the next round and rationale for those Decisions.
  • You should to explain everything by writing a detailed outline notes for each slide in the note (the slide note is down each slid).

I will share with you Capstone info later on to have full access for all needed report and information.

PowerPoint Presentation

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