Presentation Paper

Presentation Paper.

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In this assignment, you will attend the undergraduate conference and critique the presentations you attend. The paper you write should be approximately 2 pages. You will be graded on the following:

(1) writing a concise review on at least 2 presentations you saw (1 paper discussing at least 2 presentations) USE Topic 2 and 3

(2) offering at least 1 criticism or aspect to praise of each presentation. Use Topic 1-4

(3) Reflect on how you can use the points you criticized or praised in your own work.( You can think like if you do the presentation, what you can use the points you criticized or praised in your own work.)

Here is presentation information you need:

1, Topic: Video game

— By Clifton Lee

Good: A, Outline of research question in general

B, Interview some people to get data

Criticism: Talk to fast, looks like a little nervous

Need more data so support his idea

2, Topic: Understanding Gender Differences Among Romantic Relationship

— By Monserrat Coria

Good: A, She introduced the background first to tell us what’s going on in general.

B, Then she tell us the purpose of her research paper.

Her purpose was: How does influence for college student.

C, Data analyse between female and male. And same question answered by female and male to make us easy to see what’s the differences.

D, Good conclusion, the conclusion show us the result and tell us what is future study she will focus on.

E, Dress well, looks very confidence,

Criticism: All slides are white color make people feel boring.

3, Topic: Do I Belong ? Compara white and Latin college students in stem.

—By Daniela Navarro

Good: A, Use very good background to tell us what’s is the situation and try to attract people’s attention.

B, In her introduction part, she provide good data to support the situation she mentioned in background. That’s very good strategy to make her point on the paper looks very strong.

C, Good data shows the example to make people easy to understand

For example: sense major in college white people 67%, Latin 27%

D, Highlight the purpose of her points,

E, After, data analyse she shows the result that what those data trying to tell us. I like that

Criticism: May need more eye contact, and body language.

4, Topic: The sumo —By luna

Good: A, Graphs show

B, Use logistic regression to test his idea

C, Strong data to support his idea

D, Dress well

F, Good slides

Criticism: May need to explain more about regression test, More body languag

Presentation Paper

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