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Option 2: Home Maintenance

Week 2: Learning Team Instructions – Algorithm Planning for Home Maintenance

The first phase of your team’s project consists of two steps. Step 1 is to design the application. Consider the following: 

  • Which maintenance tasks will be included in your application?
  • Will these tasks be related to a specific purpose? If so, will this purpose be indicated on the user interface?
  • Will the user interface consist of one or more screens?
  • How will the user enter the status of the each maintenance task? How will that status be displayed? 

Step 2 is to plan how your team will develop a program that calculates how many tasks have not yet been completed. 

  • Create a complete list of activities, placed in logical order, that must be completed in the first phase of the programming development cycle. 
  • Determine the modules that will be needed in the program.
  • Design a top-level algorithm that calls each module as needed. 

Write a simple algorithm in pseudocode that lists the program’s input, output, and processing components in a logical, sequential order. At this stage, do not show the tasks and subtasks within each component.

Submit a Word document with a 1- to 2-paragraph Learning Team Status Report that includes what the team accomplished for the week, any issues encountered, and plans for the next week.

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