Professional Selling Discussion Post: Presenting Solutions

Professional Selling Discussion Post: Presenting Solutions.

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Below are two buyer needs similar to those in the Timberwolves case. For each one, provide a brief description of the solution you would recommend along with how you might go about articulating the recommendation.

Overall objective – Increase wallet share (revenue) by 20% while keeping IT investments to a minimum.

NEED #1 Buyer needs access to relevant research regarding how to build, market, and monetize apps, preferably in the sports market. The existing IT team is small and has little to no experience in the app development business. They also don’t have the extra time necessary to do adequate research. If the project fails, the company will have wasted nearly $500,000 and the CIO may lose his/her job. If the app is successful, the company will hit its 20% growth target.

Need #2 Buyer has several vendor contracts renewing during the next year. The contracts are usually complex and the CIO (buyer) is uncertain if he/she is paying for services they don’t need, or is otherwise receiving unfavorable arrangements. The CIO has little experience evaluating complex contracts and doesn’t know the technical details well enough to make informed decisions. The CIO believes he/she is wasting $75,000 to $100,000 per year total in unfavorable contract arrangements. The savings from better contracts could go into replacing aging IT systems within the organization.

Professional Selling Discussion Post: Presenting Solutions

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