project 1684501 2

All session long, you are to take pictures that represent any ten terms and/or concepts presented in the chapters, lectures, or slides. You may create a PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, or PDF file to showcase your photos. If you are a digital artist, you may use InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop, but speak to me first. PowerPoint is probably the easiest to use for this project. You will upload it to Moodle under PHOTO PROJECT UPLOAD. As always, I will not accept files via email.

You are not graded on your photography skills. You are graded on the simple fact of your image representing the concept you indicate. You may use your cell phone cameras for the assignment or any other camera you have access to. DO NOT USE Internet photos. We have software that can check if the pictures are from the web.


Be specific! For example, do not use “group” or “family” but tell me WHAT kind of group or family. You cannot use “dyad” or “triad”.

A great way to start is to look for bold or italicized words in the slides and/or textbook.


PowerPoint is probably the easiest to use for this project. All you need to do is have one image and one term per slide. The image should be an obvious representation of the term you indicate. If it takes some more thought to identify how the image depicts the term, then include a sentence explaining how the term is illustrated by your image.


Be creative! You can go into the public and take pictures (safely), or you can get people together to “act out” the terms and concepts and take pictures of them doing so.

If you are using PowerPoint, you should have eleven slides total: One for your title slide with your name on it and the other ten should each have one term and one image. Note: Some terms might take multiple images to depict like a before and after or different stages


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