Project 4 Part Two

Project 4 Part Two.

I’m working on a Marketing exercise and need support.

Develop Marketing Objectives (1 Page)

The next component of the marketing plan your team needs to tackle is the strategic analysis report.

As a marketing team, you need to decide on the marketing objectives for your target market before you develop your company’s marketing strategy. Marketing objectives translate the company’s mission and business into long- and short-term goals. Marketing objectives are usually quantitative and include sales (both in units or dollars), market share, and profitability. They may also include qualitative factors such as quality, customer satisfaction, and social responsibility (Kerin & Hartley, 2017). Knowing exactly where you want to go is essential in deciding how to get there. The objectives have to be measurable, specific, and have a set time limit.

Be careful not to have too many objectives, since a limited number of objectives will help you focus. The objectives should be challenging but achievable.

Develop your branding strategies, pricing strategy, (3-4 pages)

Please develop a marketing strategy for this client based on your STP strategy. The following marketing strategy elements are interdependent and are crucial components of a successful marketing plan. Click each component for more in-depth information:

  • branding strategies—Describe the needs and wants of your target customers and how you intend to position the offerings versus the competition. Present a detailed description of the different types of products or services that you intend to sell in the US market, including their attributes, features, and quality level, along with the brand names, intended packaging, logo, and supplemental products and services. As you make these branding strategy decisions, it is imperative that you stay focused on the customer. Remember that the company’s customers do not buy features; they buy benefits, both tangible and intangible. It is also critical to understand the customer: think about who makes the purchase and who influences that decision.
  • pricing strategy—Pricing is very strategic, as it is the only marketing mix variable that generates income. As a marketing team, you need to decide on your price objectives and strategies. Think about pricing tactics like discounts and incentives. You need to decide whether your pricing strategy should be skimming, premium, or market penetration given the nature of the offerings, your customers, and your major competition. Profit margins and breakeven analysis will also need to be considered. As you determine your final price points, you’ll need to consider the perceived value of your offerings. Describe how you would go about making these decisions as well as the major issues involved.

Project 4 Part Two

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