Project & PPT

Project & PPT.

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Project, Paper and Presentation

You will used the below data sets in the course project. You may want to select a team of 2-3 (or you can work individually if you want) and select the data set you wish to work on.

To explore the data and know more about it, click the link below:…

OR, I highly recommended you select a problem from here and work on it:


You need to write a detailed paper about your project findings. The following subtitles should be included (but not limited to)


Introduction about the topic

Related work/Literature Review/ from books/articles/websites

Problem definition and Data set description/information about the data set.

Approach: The predictive models selection/feature extraction..etc, (at least 3 models such as linear regression, decision tree, SVM (all types)

Experimental Results: Models evaluation and interpretation (such as your own data flow diagrams, figures, tables if applicable).


References and citations in the text

The paper should follow the IEEE conference template (at least 18 pages).

Note: You need to write the code also send me the code separate format). The project is separate document please follow the APA guidelines.

Paper Presentation:(PPT)

The Presentation should be at least 12 Slides

Note: Project documentation should be 16 pages. Please follow the APA format. and add code also

PPT should be 10 Slides

Project & PPT

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