Project Written Report

Project Written Report.

I’m trying to learn for my Business class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

minimum total is 9 pages double spaced (not including title and references pages) check the instructions below for the paper format

  • APA Format – in-text citations and references page is required for any material borrowed from someone else
  • Abstract – Single-Spaced
  • All other sections except the Appendix materials – Double-Spaced
  • Font size – 12 point maximum
  • If a page maximum is provided and you exceed it, then you will be penalized for not following instructions.
  • Content
    • Cover Page – containing your name, “Project Written Report”, “BUS101”, “Professor Underhill”, “Your TA’s Name”, “Your Student ID”, and the date
    • Abstract (1/2 page maximum)
    • Executive Summary (1-page maximum)
    • Introduction to the Business Problem (Estimated at 1 page or less. No maximum.)
    • Analysis of Business Problem (Estimated at 4 pages. No maximum.)
    • Recommendations (Estimated at 4 pages. No maximum.)
    • Conclusion (Estimated at 1 page. No maximum)
      • References (if you borrowed material from anyone, whether paraphrased or quoted)

Project Written Report

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