Promotional Brochure

Promotional Brochure.

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Promotional Copy

Now that you have begun to implement your plan for promoting your organization through written materials (traditional and digital) your boss is getting calls for you to attend public events where you can further promote your organization.

Paper brochures are still a way to communicate at events and provide participants with something they can “take away” with them.

For this assignment, review the samples shared in class and develop the brochure copy for each of the six panels in a traditional tri-fold piece. There are samples in the samples folder.

If you are holding a piece of paper in the “landscape” view the panels align this way:

Panel 1 — (extreme right of the paper) — cover
Panel 2 — (middle of the paper) — least important info (boilerplate type copy)
Panel 3 — (extreme left of the paper) — self mailer, tear off, etc.

Panels 4, 5, & 6 — inside information

Promotional Brochure

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