proposal essay

proposal essay.

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A Proposal to end Homelessness in the Urban Centers.

Audience: Elected officials and Policymakers.
The Problem: How can elected officials and policymakers end the issues of homelessness, especially among kids?
The proposal: The current methods which are used in dealing with the issues of homelessness are not working, and hence there is a need for a policy change at the state and federal levels (Berg, 2019). As well, it is vital to have a body that will monitor the process of implementation of the new policies.
The Plan: The following steps will help in dealing with the issue of homelessness in the US.
1. Increase governmental spending on programs that are geared to addressing the issue of homelessness (Semuels, 2016). That will make them run more efficiently and have the ability to address the issue of homelessness exhaustively.
2. There should be a huge focus on the kids that are homeless by making policies that are designed to specifically address their plight (Childtrends, 2019). Such a policy will be geared to ensure no kid in America is homeless.
3. Moreover, there should be an oversight committee that will be tasked with ensuring that the funds that are dedicated to tackling the issue of homelessness are used effectively and also following through with the progress of implementing this proposal.
Benefits: With such policies in place, it will ensure that the government can address homelessness in a manner that well-rounded. As well, it will ascertain that there seriousness in dealing with the issues of homelessness given the role given to the oversight committee.

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2.What is the triple constraint, and what is the importance of this in project management? What are some examples of when triple constraint may have impacted the success of a project? Answer those Questions And give them feedback from Down below. (a-b)


  1. What is the triple constraint?

Answer: The triple constraint is the statement in which the greatness of a project affected by the budgets, deadlines and features.

  1. What is the importance of this in project management?

Answer: The importance of the triple constraint in project management is that it assists managers in making them aware of what exchanges will be successful and the proportionate effect it will bring on different characteristics of the project.

  1. What are some examples of when triple constraint may have impacted the success of a project?

Answer: Some examples of when triple constraint may have impacted the success of a project are…

Example 1: The company apple was successful with the idea of IPhone.

Example 2: Best Buy being successful with its respective great laptops for sale.

Example 3: Cowin brand that makes great sounding headphones which is a respected company.

B. Triple Constraint has four components which are the following, Time, Cost, Scope, and Quality. The important of this in project management would be the schedule, budget, information to start the project, and the effectiveness of the project.

Some examples of tripe constraint that may have impacted the success of a project would be a boss cutting the budget and time frame of a project could effect the quality of the project. Another example could be the lack of scope to start the project which would cut into the time and budget.


What Is The Project Management Triple Constraint . (2013). Retrieved fromWhat is the Project Management Triple Constraint

proposal essay

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