Proposal for 3 week eLearning Course (2 to 3 pages)

Proposal for 3 week eLearning Course (2 to 3 pages).

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For your Course Project, you will design a 3-week eLearning course on a platform of your choice. This 3-week eLearning course might be a self-contained course where participants start and complete it within the three weeks, or it might be three weeks of a longer course. In either scenario, you will design three weeks of course that is delivered entirely electronically. You will use the ADDIE model to guide you through the stages of instructional design. In this first module you are applying the “analysis” phase of ADDIE, where you will analyze the needs of the potential eLearning course participants.

In this Assignment, you will propose a 3-week eLearning course, including the context, content, and possible learning management system (LMS) of the course. See the list of possible LMSs posted by your instructor in the Class Café. You will provide background on how the ADDIE model will guide your development, analyze the potential eLearning participants’ needs and characteristics, and evaluate the eLearning course in context of mobile learning.

To prepare:

View the ADDIE interactive graphic in this module’s Media Learning Resources with a focus on the “The ADDIE Model” section for further understanding of the model and how it will be used throughout your Course Project.

By Day 7 of Week 2

Submit a 2- to 3-page paper that contains the following (use bullet points to provide the information):


  • Describe the delivery mode of your proposed course: online, MOOC, mobile (Brinthaupt, Clayton, Draude, & Calahan, 2014).
  • What is the course topic?
  • Within the broader curriculum you have chosen, describe the purpose of the course you plan to create? Is it technology training, professional development, a content course, or something else? (Stavredes & Herder, 2014; p. 35)
  • Describe what procedures you would need to complete in your situation to have the course approved for delivery. Identify to whom you would have to pitch the proposal (e.g., board of directors, department head).

Learner characteristics and needs

  • Who are the potential learners for the eLearning course and what are their characteristics (Stavredes & Herder, 2014; p. 25)?
  • What key needs of the learners must be met within the course to support their persistence/retention (Stavredes & Herder, 2014; p. 30)?
  • Evaluate any issues of diversity, along with any other exceptionalities that must be considered during the course development and/or delivery (Stavredes & Herder, 2014; p. 28).
  • Describe the likelihood that students who take your eLearning course will access it via mobile technology (handheld devices). How might this influence the development of your eLearning course? How important is the consideration to mobile learning (mLearning) in the development of an online course? Whiteside, et al. (2017)

Proposed Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Identify a potential LMS or mobile platform for your course, providing URL. To the site you are planning on using.
  • Describe how the platform will be accessible on mobile devices.

By Day 7 of Week 2

Submit this Assignment, after carefully readying through the Module 1 Assignment Rubric. Use correct APA form and style with scholarly writing. Copy and paste the Module 1 Assignment Rubric to the last page of the paper. Complete the Student-Self Assessment column, adding comments to justify the points you have awarded your work – full points are not automatic.

Note: In order for grading to take place, submitted assignments MUST include the following:

  1. Correctly formatted document naming convention (see Submission and Grading Information)
  2. Title page that follows the Writing Center course template
  3. Correct APA form and style; APA formatted in-text citations for ideas from Learning Resources
  4. Scholarly writing with proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling; future tense is used appropriately when referring to the proposed eLearning course
  5. Reference page following current APA formatting style
  6. Copy of the rubric with the Student Self-Assessment completed, including justification for the points awarded

Important: When these six items are not included in the submission, the instructor will not grade the assignment, will enter 0 points, and the assignment will be considered late – resulting in point deductions in line with the Late Policy.

Please note:

Also address how it will help disability students throughout the LMS, particularly: Severe visual impairment

Proposal for 3 week eLearning Course (2 to 3 pages)

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