PSC309: state politics, research design paper 2

PSC309: state politics, research design paper 2.

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You are required to complete a full research design for this class. You will think of an original research question and propose hypotheses, ending with a plan for how you would carry out this research. The research design will take form over three separate submissions (research question and literature review, theory and hypotheses, research design)

professor agreed to this question: “ How does partisan politics and lobbyists influence the policy formulation, support, and criticism in Florida?”

professor feedback: I think your first question is more feasible. I’d still narrow it down to focus on one aspect of the policy process (ie How does partisan polarization affect state policy formulation?) You don’t have to specifically focus on Florida here– your main interest is comparing across the states. Florida could be a case study, but that would be something you’d write about in the third paper.

PSC309: state politics, research design paper 2

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