Public policy 5 page paper

Public policy 5 page paper.

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Prompt: In this course, you will develop the ability to explain how values influence administrative policies. In a three-to-five-page essay, explain how values influenced an administrative policy related to your Constructive Action. Cite appropriate sources, such as the assigned text, and include supporting quotations and references.

PAA 610 VAL Public Policy: Dimensional Analysis

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Paragraph 1: Introduction (brief description of the courseand the essay)

In Public Policy, I explore how different values affect the process in which public policies are formulated and implemented. In this essay, I describe how values influence the policies related to my Constructive Action (CA) project, which examines ….. at (your agency XXX).In particular, I discuss (brief explanation of the policy you intend to examine in the essay).

Paragraph 2: Description of your CA

In my Constructive Action (CA) project, I examine the factors that affect the quality of services (your agencyXXX) provides for our youth clients. As XXX provides shelters for the homeless youth in New York, it is important that …

Paragraph 3: Description of the policy you intend to analyze in the essay.

One policy that is related to my CA project pertains to the New York State Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in Foster Care (OCFS, 2015) stipulates the rights for the youth, such as fair treatment, freedom from discrimination, visits to birth family, and access to health care. Upon turning eighteen years old, a case manager is mandated to thoroughly explain these rights to the youth and have them sign the receipt of this declaration.

Paragraph 2: Literature Review – description of concepts or chapters from the course that help you understand your chosen policy

Do NOT use verbs, such as “speak andtalk, or phrases,such as “is talking aboutand is saying. Instead, write,“Stone (2002) discusses/ states/ explains/ explicates/ argues/ asserts/ claims.”

In Chapter 14, Stone (2002) explains the two schools of thoughts regarding rights in the polis (public interest): “positive” and “normative.” She defines a positive right as a claim that is backed by the state” (p. 325). In contrast, normative rights are more subjective and can be defined in many different ways, according to Stone. Scholars of the normative rights tradition believe that individuals “can have a right to something” even if they do not “actively claim” or the state authority does not back it up (p. 325). The latterconception of rights is consistent in Rushefsky’s (2002) discussion of ….

Paragraph 5: Explanation of how the concept explained in Paragraph 4 is related to your policy

Stone’s definitions of normative rights echo the notion that people have a right to something they do not actively claim and is not backed up by the state. While the youth may not actively seek to have a right to, for example, visit their birth families, they still are entitled to such a right. This claim provides the foundational justification for my CA, which ultimately aims to improve the quality of services that our youth clients receive. Also, Stone’s conception of positive rights provides the justification for the Bill, which clearly is backed up by the State authority. Her discussion on different aspects of rights pushes one to pose a question whether the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in Foster Care is then sufficient. ….

Paragraph 6: Conclusion (Linking the class materials and the policy, provide the rationale for the policy. Emphasize that you have learned how values influence the policies. )

Overall, Stone’s description of both positive and normative rights helps one to better understand the New York State Bill of Rights. The values of the normative thinkers of rights provided the fundamental framework that guarantees the rights that the youth

may not actively seek to claim. Then, the values of the positive thinkers of rights eventually provided the foundation for the rights to be stipulated in the Bill of Rights so that these rights are backed up by the state. The course has …

Public policy 5 page paper

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