Read the article and answer the questions

Read the article and answer the questions.

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Read the attached article file:///home/chronos/u-c3b1a7a29567815d431d06b5b38c2aedb2e5b57e/MyFiles/Downloads/Social%20Nature%20of%20Emotions%20(1).pdf and respond to the following:

The authors of the article discuss a variety of ways that emotions are social. Analyze their arguments in your response.

  1. Briefly, explain in your own words at least two ways that emotions are affected by the social environment.
  2. Connect the ideas to the textbook. Identify one theory from the text that can explain an idea in the article, making sure to explain the connection between the two.
  3. Use the ideas from the text and article to offer two suggestions for ways that people can alter their social environment to make their emotional experience more positive. Make sure to explain your position.

Response papers should be roughly 2-3 pages in length. Make sure to fully explain your ideas and demonstrate that you have read the article for understanding and engaged in critical thinking. Avoid using quotes from the article or textbook; instead paraphrase and re-write in your own words.

Read the article and answer the questions

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