reflection on reading.

reflection on reading..

I need an explanation for this Communications question to help me study.

(the length of the reflection doesn’t matter. half double spaced page for each Prompt is ok. Also, i’m international student, so the reflection shouldn’t be that formal)

Within the weekly journal, you will reflect on any thoughts and feelings you have related to each course topic. You will provide:

  •  A brief introduction to each topic (a couple of sentences is adequate)
  •  Specific thoughts and feelings connected to each topic (based on readings, lecture content, and the films)
  •  A response to each journal prompt for each topic.
  • Journal Prompt #1:
  • Based on the symptoms of a concussion, have you or someone you know experienced a concussion?
  • If so, did anyone recommend any of the tips for healing? Did you find these tips were practical for your (or your friend’s) life?
  • Describe you/your friend’s experience, what actions were taken, and your overall thoughts on brain recovery.
  • Journal Prompt #2:
  • Describe what CTE is, how it occurs, and what the symptoms are for this disorder.
  • Describe the NFL rules that have been put in place to decrease occurrence of CTE, and whether (or not) you feel these rules will have any impact on the rates of CTE in the NFL.

reflection on reading.

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