Reflection paper

Reflection paper.

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Reflecting on the 3 documents you wrote for this project, please answer the following questions:

  1. Briefly describe the overall scenario you were writing in. What was the problem or problems you were trying to solve, in your own words? Obviously, I have the text of the scenarios. The purpose of this response is to get a sense of your overall “take” on the facts and your approach to the problem.
  1. Which of the three documents was the most difficult to write, and why do you think that was? If all the emails were equally difficult (or easy) to write, what was it about the overall situation that made them that way?
  1. What is the intended outcome of the document you wrote? If all the documents produced the results you wanted, what happens next? How likely is it, given the facts of the scenario and your experience with people, that this situation will be resolved in a satisfactory fashion?

you will find the file uploaded in order to write about it.

answer the questions

Reflection paper

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