reply to discussion below,kr

reply to discussion below,kr.

Need help with my Science question – I’m studying for my class.

This course was extremely interesting with a lot of information jammed into a very small time frame. What I found the most interesting would be just how much information can actually be dug up from an investigation. With all the tools available, nothing is safe from being found. The tool I found the most interesting was EnCase. I think this is because its the tool we used the most and the one I understood the most. It’s amazing how much that tool can tell you. From the hash of files to the files themselves, I really enjoyed searching around with EnCase. I’m going to extremely honest with the advice I would give to other students… Unless digital forensics is the path you want to take or you find this topic to be the most interesting thing on the planet, think twice before taking this course. In my opinion, it has more work to it than is necessary. A weekly discussion which is actually a short essay to having a lab every week and two labs in week 5. The amount of work is outrageous especially from a school that says, they are here for working adults. Now, I work full time, have two young children, and took another course at the time. So, time was not on my side. Also, my other course is in the type of work I do and want to continue to do so it did take priority.

Now that we are at the end I did find the course very interesting even if I thought it had more work than necessary. My suggestion going forward would be to lower the discussion requirement. Don’t do an essay. Just ask a question and have people answer it. An intro and conclusion is unnecessary. Even splitting the course up somehow would be beneficial. Thanks again for a great course with great discussions. I learned a lot from everyone. To the professor, thank you for being responsive and being very helpful. I’ve had professors who would respond weeks after initial contact.

reply to discussion below,kr

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