Report; Executive Summary

Report; Executive Summary.

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Prepare an Executive Summary identifying the best Infusion pump to purchase for your hospital based on the device incident history. The executive summary should be no more than 5 pages. The Executive summary should provide:

  • Background of what infusion pumps are used for in the hospital, why they are critical devices and who uses them and how they work. Utilize the Included ECRI summary
  • Summary of the two pumps on the market – Baxter Spectrum and Carefusion (BD) Alaris
  • Common problems with each device – this is the largest content section of the report
  • Please utilize the– FDA – Medical device User Experience – MAUDE database to search reportable incidents from 2018 to 2020 related to Infusion pumps (product class – Pump, Infusion)
  • For each device – Please summarize the common issues reported by reviewing at least 20 incidents/reports for each pump type and summarizing the major issues.
  • In addition – Please visit each medical devices – home page and identify if there are any active RECALLS related to the issues reported. If there are recalls, identify the actions required and the risks associated with continued use of the device.
  • Based on the incidents you reviewed, the ECRI summary document (provided), and the Manufacturers website and active recalls – please provide a summary of which device you would recommend and why.

Report; Executive Summary

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