Repost: GUI about Keno

Repost: GUI about Keno.

I need an explanation for this Computer Science question to help me study.

Can help me code a GUI about Keno?

This is how the Keno GUI works.

1.This GUI program will have 80 buttons with the numbers from 1 to 80.

2.The user should select 10 numbers by clicking 10 buttons.

3.Buttons are originally YELLOW and when buttons are clicked, they should change color to BLUE

4.The User can unclick the BUTTON which would turn the color back to yellow

5.The user must select 10 numbers. No more numbers than 10 may be selected at any given time.

6.Whenever 10 buttons are selected the “play” button should be enabled, if less than 10, play is disabled otherwise.

7.When the user clicks “reset”, the number buttons should turn YELLOW again, AND the “play” and “reset/clear” buttons should be disabled.

8.When the “reset” button is clicked make sure you also clean the BET amount.

9 When user click play,

  1. Random numbers should be generated inside a method public int[] generateNumbers() // this method will take no arguments and return an array of 10 integer numbers that range from 1 to 80
  2. Buttons selected by the user and matched by the computer will turn GREEN if it is not matched with the computer it will turn RED
  3. Buttons not selected by the user but generated by the computer should turn WHITE
  4. Count the numbers generated by the computer that were matched by the player // Display the results in the label, for example “you matched xx numbers”, followed by the amount earned (if any)
  5. Once the result is displayed, make sure that your “play” button is disabled so the user won’t attempt to re-play the same numbers.
  6. After the user clicks reset and places a new bet he/she should be able to play again.
  7. Attached is the file which suppose to look like when you run it.

Repost: GUI about Keno

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