reseach a Recent DNA Case In The State Akansas

reseach a Recent DNA Case In The State Akansas.

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TOPIC: research a Recent DNA Case In The State Arkansas

You must include the following information in your research.

1.What DNA criminal case have you researched in your assigned state?

2.What are the specifics of your case?Date, location, circumstances, victims, criminal outcome?

3.How was DNA used to solve, exonerate or support the criminal case you chose?

4. Did DNA affect the outcome of your criminal case?Why?

5.Has DNA changed the criminal justice system in the assigned state you are researching? How?

6.Was there any controversies regarding the use of DNA within your assigned state where you researched your case?

Requirement: Five (5) pages minimum of (900 words). 10% of the final grade.

Paper format:

  • (5) full pages doubled spaced
  • 12 inch font – Times New Roman
  • 1 inch margins on all sides (left, right, top & bottom)
  • Include a Title Page and Reference Page(Included in the 5 page minimum)
  • Number your pages
  • Indent your paragraphs
  • No wide margins or triple spacing between paragraphs
  • No pictures or graphs
  • Papers will only be accepted via the homework dropbox in Blackboard during Week 6.
  • Late papers are not accepted and a grade of (0) zero will be assigned.

.Cite any sources you use. (APA style)

reseach a Recent DNA Case In The State Akansas

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