Research Paper Critique

Research Paper Critique.

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Requirement: Research Paper Critique

1. the purpose of my presentation is to evaluate any Business Research paper from a critique perspective, to criticize this paper. So what I expect you to do is to find some drawbacks of this paper to criticize. For example, the professor suggests that we could think about the reference the author uses, is there any problem? Or the argument of the author, is it convincing ? (these are just examples, the professor also says that there is no right or wrong answer. The point is how I use reference to support my argument)

2. In my presentation, the professor want to see the evidence of my understanding of Lee’s paper and the evidence that I have read a lot of other extant literature in this erea. So, I am expected to read other article in this area and find evidence to support my argument.

3. You don’t need to evaluate this paper critically, just from a critique perspective. So you don’t need to write any contribution or strength of this paper, just focus on the drawbacks.

4. As I am going to give a presentation, rather than writing an essay, you don’t need to complete it with a formal structure as an essay. Just list 4 or 5 drawbacks of this paper, and each argument should better be supported with references.

Research Paper Critique

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