Research Paper for WIKILEAKS

Research Paper for WIKILEAKS.

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Wikileaks is an international non-profit organization headed by Julian Assange, an Australian Internet activist. Wikileaks is responsible for releasing numerous news leaks and classified material from anonymous sources including the documents leaked by Edward Snowden. When the Bank of America cut off Wikileaks donation accounts the hacker group Anonymous hacked the Bank of America and forced them to reopen the Wikileaks account so that Wikileaks could continue to accept donations.

Develop a hypothesis supported by research as to whether Wikileaks is essential to a free society or has Wikileaks damaged countries such as the United States through their release of confidential information. Remember that nothing Wikileaks has released has ever been proven to be false. Should Wikileaks be allowed to continue to exist? Does it provide a valuable service to average people by keeping them informed? Or should Wikileaks be shut down due to the damage it has caused various governments, high placed officials and organizations?

Note: Please provide a 6 pages of research paper with minimum12 citations and references.

Requirement :One final note, I do not like direct quotes (copy and paste) from your sources. You should research your topic, read the references and then paraphrase your sources. You are still required to cite your sources. Every reference requires a citation within the body of the paper and every citation requires a reference.

Research Paper for WIKILEAKS

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