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respond to the post.

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Reply to both post min 100 words and also provide your reference to your response Post 1

1.) Ego defense mechanisms are an aspect of personality that aid in stopping one’s ego from becoming overawed. Displacement is one of many defense mechanisms. Displacement occurs when a person channels an emotion or energy towards one person and directs it towards someone else who is a “safer target.” One example of displacement being used as a defense mechanism is a time when I had anniversary dinner plans with my boyfriend and then right before dinner, my mother and I got into a large argument. At dinner, I was being hostile, moody and having an attitude towards my boyfriend even though I was excited all week for dinner, and he had done nothing to upset me that night. I realize now that I was using displacement as a way to cope with my anxiety from my argument with my mom in this instance.

2.)Alfred Adler’s view on birth order is that it increases an individual’s probability of having a certain set of experiences (Corey, 2017). As a second and middle child, I personally find my experience consistent regarding Adler’s take on the birth position and sibling relationship. One reason for this, for example, is my experience of having a competitive sibling relationship with my older sister for as long as I can remember. Additionally, I was always a little bit of a problem child when I was younger, and this is congruent with the middle child’s family experience according to Adler’s theory as well.

3.) 1. The notion encompassed in Existential Therapy that the client-therapist relationship is of primary importance to healing rather than the techniques used is profound, in my opinion. I personally believe that a genuine person-to-person relationship is imperative to healing through existential therapy. This is because, “existential therapists are primarily concerned with understanding the subjective world of clients to help them come to new understandings and options (Corey, 2017). Thus, once a close relationship is formed, it will be easier for the client to open up and provide more information for the therapist, which will aid in their further understanding of the client. Further supporting the latter is that according to Hill (2019), “many studies have shown that a sense of meaning contributes to psychological well-being and that meaning-centered psychological interventions can help.”

2. Regarding Will and his therapist’s relationship in the film, Good Will Hunting, it had an immense effect on Will’s progress in treatment, in my opinion. I feel that the progression of their relationship allowed Will to gain new insights that furthered his treatment and progress. I do not believe Will would have been able to work towards progress as successfully had their relationship differed.


Corey, G. (2017). Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy (10th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning

Hill, F. (2019, January 18). What It’s Like to Visit an Existential Therapist.…

Post 2

1. Select one of the defense mechanisms from the reading and provide a description and a specific example the the defense mechanism being used. You can apply this to yourself or someone that you know.

One of the defense mechanisms that the book discusses and that I’ve experienced personally throughout my life is the displacement defense mechanism. When a person displaces something or someone, they direct their energy toward another object or person when the original object or person is inaccessible (Corey, 2017). I’ve not only experienced this with others when an object or person is inaccessible, but also when the person doesn’t want to confront who or what they are really having problems with, or when they don’t know how to handle their feelings. For example, I have a friend who tends to make everyone she’s around feel uncomfortable or threatened when she’s upset or stressed about something. Instead of venting in a healthy and positive way, she makes everyone else feel like they’ve done something to her personally.

2. Compare and contrast your own family experience with Adler’s view on birth order. Is your experience consistent regarding his take on sibling relationship and birth position? Provide support for your response as to why or why not.

After reading Adler’s views on birth order and how a child may react to being born in a certain position (oldest, second, middle, etc.), I don’t think that anything he believes is consistent with my siblings and I. There are eleven of us, and I’m the fourth born. However, I’m the oldest son. Thinking about it now, I don’t know if I would be considered a “middle child”, because there are so many of us and I don’t fall directly in the middle. I can say that I feel my mother gave us all equal amounts of attention (as best she could) and I don’t recall any of us trying to compete with each other. We all are all adults now and we all have come out very different.

3. According to the text, “Existential Therapy places central prominence on the person-to-person relationship. It assumes that client growth occurs through this genuine encounter. It is not the techniques a therapist uses that makes a therapeutic difference; rather it is the quality of that client-therapist relationship that heals” (p. 157).

Question: What is your reaction related to this notion? Make sure to support your opinion with information from the textbook reading or other referenced sources.

If you viewed the video, Good Will Hunting what role did you think the relationship between Will and his therapist play with respect to Will’s progress in treatment?

According to an article written by Psychology Today (2020), the existential therapy approach stresses that each person has a unique identity that can only be known through relationships with other. I do believe this, and I have believed it all my life. I believe that the different people we interact throughout our life times help us grow, and a lot of the time we don’t even realize it. In relation to what the book said in reference to what’s important in existential therapy, I feel that a person’s background isn’t important to your growth, it’s the relationship you share that makes your interactions all the more meaningful. I say this because I believe that the more you value you place on a relationship, the more you can allow yourself to learn and grow from it.

After viewing the clip from “Good Will Hunting”, I feel that the relationship Will had with his therapist helped Will to let go of some of his frustrations from his childhood and get rid of any negative feelings he may of had about punishing himself. The clip is very short, but I feel that Will felt that he didn’t deserve anything good in his life, and his behavior in that scene made it clear that he needed to be told by someone he cared about (and cared for him) that his past should not control is present and future. If he had not developed that relationship with his therapist he may have chosen to ignore his therapist and go on living the way he was used to living. The relationship they formed helped him move past that.


Corey, G. (2017). Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy (10th ed.). Cengage Learning.

Psychology Today, (2020). Existential therapy. Retrieved from: (Links to an external site.)

respond to the post

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