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please respond to Janie to the following with 200 words :

I feel like personal experiences can really affect we perceive others and also hearing bad rumors about them. Personal experience can really affect how we see things and others because some of us have been in horrible situations and sometimes it’s hard to let go of because of how that situation has changed things for us. I know rumors are such a high school thing, but so many people start them even no matter what age they are. Meeting someone new whether it be relationships or just friendships can be very nerve-racking, because everyone fears the unknown. We can’t always tell if the person is going to be a blessing or a lesson and it’s the same thing for friendships too! We can’t control how a person is going to treat us, but we can control how we choose to react to them. I believe that we can improve our perception by being more open minded and also using the past as a way to learn from our mistakes rather than making more or causing paranoia. It’s always going to be overwhelming letting new people into our lives, but letting down your walls for just a little won’t kill you, because what if you end up having an amazing bond with that person?

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