Response Paper: Towards Understanding Migration

Response Paper: Towards Understanding Migration.

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This week, your assignment is to write a response paper.


  • To reinforce an understanding of the core concepts including types, extent, challenges and consequences of migration
  • To learn to synthesize material from the different lectures and write comprehensively
  • To identify, understand and analyze data from different sources

Instructions for response paper:

  • The paper should be 1000 words.
  • You may discuss it with your classmates, but please don’t plagiarise

Structure of the response paper:

  • Begin by providing a brief overview of migration (types, statistics, examples)– here is where you can use the previous two discussion board responses.
  • Then address the various methods by which migration is studied/understood. Comment on the pros and cons of these methods
  • Next, compare the experiences of domestic and international migration using examples from the migration narratives you read today (refer to slides 4 and 5 for the specific questions you might ask).
  • Finally address why we cannot ignore migration and need to understand it better. Look up (from weeks 1 and 2) the challenges of migration and include these in your response, and include them in your discussion for this section
  • Feel free to use additional (non-Wikipedia) sources, include charts, graphs etc.
  • Use any citation format that you like

Response Paper: Towards Understanding Migration

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