revamp newsletter tutorial indesign




Using the finished tutorial as a template, consider how the pages hold style continuity within a particular grid system (as explained in class) and improve upon it. Use the tutorial newsletter as a template but use your own images and headlines to give it a fresh look and tweak the design to be more professional. 


The finished piece should serve as a full-size mock-up in InDesign for a 4-page newsletter with your own stamp on it. You are copying the layout but introducing your own subject matter, art, photos (which may be borrowed from the Internet), and display text choices to give it your own “signature.”



In summary, improve on the design and demonstrate your understanding (as explained in class) of good design. 


Your final layout should look like a published article E-newsletter or magazine spread. You may use place marker text for body copy in your mock-up but write your own headlines. 

Export the finished article as PDF format AND also give me the original indesign file, and the fonts you used. 

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