review one article

review one article.

Help me study for my Psychology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Prepare a 5 page paper (12.5 font/double spaced) with three content subheadings.

Three Content Subheadings: 1. Description: An objective description of the article and summary of the research findings. What is the article about? What problem is the research trying to solve? What questions are the authors trying to answer with their research? There may be multiple questions, or just one. What are the authors going to do to answer the specific question(s)?

2. Reactions: A subjective description of your thoughts, feelings, observations, personal values, and attitudes related to the article. How did the article speak to you?

3. Relation to Course Content: An analysis of the article in relation to the principles and concepts of the course.

4. The written double-spaced 5 page paper

link to the article

review one article

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