Rewrite paper

Rewrite paper.

Can you help me understand this Marketing question?

You need to rewrite the week 5 milestone doing a SWOT like you did for week 4 assignment. The milestone you turned in did not have a SWOT analyis in the first section as required. Also, you submitted what you did in the last class with now changes.

I allowed you to turn in previous work with the changes I recommended from the previous class. Review the suggestions in the paper I sent you and revise your week 5 MS2 submission.

In section 2 you need to tell me if your proposed service is to address an opporunity or a weakness.

You need to revise section 3 to provide a mareketing goal as I indicated in the notes.

The section on ethics needs to be improved as suggested as well.

Please look over the paper with track changes and comments I sent to you.

Rewrite paper

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