Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis.

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Please follow the instructions in the uploaded file. And please include the REALM model. REALM model is in the link.


For this paper, you will evaluate the rhetorical effectiveness of the main arguments outlined in EITHER Gatto OR Chua’s texts—focusing particularly on Gatto’s criticism of the American education system OR Chua’s arguments against Western parenting methods. This paper will follow a basic summary/analysis model. (Use the Agree/Disagree Templates and REALM to get started.)

In the summary section, you will need to first introduce the text you will be analyzing—summarizing the main argument of the text and noting the central claims and key evidence provided. Assuming your reader is unfamiliar with the text, be sure to provide context for the reader and offer explanations and analyses of important terms and ideas.

For the analysis section, you will explain and evaluate the effectiveness of the author’s argument by closely examining the evidence and argumentative strategies used to support the author’s claims.

Rhetorical Analysis

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