RMI3567 Assignment BlackRock and Uncertainty

RMI3567 Assignment BlackRock and Uncertainty.

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Use the Blackrock article “Understanding Uncertainty” for question 1 and the Blackrock interactive web site (https://www.blackrock.com/institutions/en-us/insig… for question 2.

1)Provide Blackrock’s definition of uncertainty, how it differs from risk, and the implications of ignoring uncertainty.

2)On the capital markets assumptions page of Blackrock’s interactive site, select the US as the country and click on the “Show mean uncertainty box”.

a.For the 5 year return time period, provide an explanation for the differences that you see both in terms of return and uncertainty across the asset classes shown at the bottom of the graph.

b.Describe what happens to expected return and mean return uncertainty as the time period increases across the time period options. What is a possible explanation for these trends?

3)Find a recent article that reports on the international impact of the coronavirus. Indicate the article and describe whether it discusses the impact of the coronavirus in terms of risk, uncertainty, or both.

RMI3567 Assignment BlackRock and Uncertainty

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