rough draft of synthesis listicle essay

rough draft of synthesis listicle essay.

When submitting your rough draft of your A.I. Listicle, be sure you have a title, introduction paragraph, thesis statement, and at least three full body paragraphs. Please put your thesis statement in bold. Don’t forget to number the items (body paragraphs) in your list, and include one image, GIF, or meme for each item (body paragraph). Use the student sample Listicles for more help. Also, don’t forget to highlight your words/phrases used from “Templates & Transitions,” and include citations from the articles you choose to cite. Finally, submit a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file. Please review the grading rubric for this homework assignment so you know how you will be evaluated. Also, just because you receive full credit on this homework assignment does not mean there aren’t things you will need to revise for the final draft. Once the rough drafts are graded, be sure to review the rubric and submission comments for feedback from me.

this is what i learned from reading the samples

After keenly reading the listicles attached, I observed some points that were common in them.

•The first observation is that the articles have been organized in a way that the main points are discussed first then the minor points are discussed last. Such kind of arrangement makes it easy to comprehend the thoughts of the writer.

•The headings of the articles are attractive and very catchy. In my opinion, this lures the readers view to the articles. The headings are short and straight to the point and also easy to understand.

•The images in the articles are relevant, attractive and very clear. Although some are funny, they accomplish the intention of the writer. Every image is relevant to the content discussed in the article hence emphasizing on what the writer is saying.

•Generally, the articles are informative and educative. The content is relevant to the topics, the images and also the arrangement of the ideas is properly done.

rough draft of synthesis listicle essay

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