science and society and technology

science and society and technology.


1. Identify a scientific discovery or invention from the 1400s to 1600s and explain what impact it had on society at the time it was discovered or invented. Refer to a website as a source. What would you have invented if you were a business owner and lived in this time period?

2. Describe a specific aspect of a painting by Vermeer or Rembrandt that shows a primary featureof the New Science – the Science of Observation. Use the web links below or another link to find a picture. Post a copy of the picture in your reply.

Baroque samples at; (also see and click on the names of the artists to see their works)

Examples of Baroque paintings from the Rijksmuseumin Amsterdam at (click on images; go full-screen; click “i” for info on the artist and date and painting)

Please also respond to classmate initial discussion whether you agree or disagree with what they are saying: Identify an invention from the 1400s to 1600s, and the impact it had on society. Martin Biehaim a Germain inventor, was a map marker, navigator and merchant, who made the earliest version of the globe dating around 1490 to 1492. Biehiam, who previously sailed to Portugal advised King John the First, on the importance of navigation. It was believed that his globe, might have convinced Christopher Columbus and Mallegan on their journeys, but this was later discounted, During his voyage with a well known sailor to west Africa the mouth of Congo River was discovered.his version of the globe can still be found in Germany. I think, I would have invented a compass, because was the time of exploration and discovery, it would have came in handy.

I chose this picture out of the many beautiful paintings Vermeer has drawn, this is him doing what he does best. The man in the picture is sketching and also observing the outside. I think was painting the image from the window, but whatever it was, had his full attention. I think he is a great artist and is very detailed in his work.

science and society and technology

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