see notes and continue write 200 words

see notes and continue write 200 words.

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On 9 am March 5th, our group gathered at the bus station on Gilman Drive. At first, we were expecting it would be busy because students are always filled with this bus station and 9 am in the morning is a busy commuting time period. However, when we arrived, there were not so many people waiting on the benches. Then we realized that in the morning people, oftenly students from UCSD, will be busy getting off the bus instead of waiting for the bus to go home. So we waited a little longer for more buses to come. The weather is chilly in the morning but still sunny as it should be. The surroundings of the bus station are what we tend to ignore everyday. But this time, we paid attention to it. Usually, there is not so much color of this station other than the red sign and cold silver metal. However, it is spring season, some flowers on the side of both bus stations are blooming, those magenta and white flowers add up some vigor to the bus station. Then we noticed the trash cans on both sides are not being cleaned up yet. Both of them are filled up with trash overnight. There are some forks on the top of one trash can, it looks like those forks from the school’s dining court.

Then we observed those waiting at the benches……..or the bus coming….. Next person can continue …..

see notes and continue write 200 words

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