Self Biography-A couple paragraphs in length

Self Biography-A couple paragraphs in length.

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Ask yourself – If I was a parent looking for qualified people who are passionate about taking care of my struggling child what would I like to know?

I. First Paragraph – Four or five sentences Put the important stuff first

1) Education (dates and school aren’t as important as you think)

2) Work Experience (related to the field or to your role within Innercept)

II. Second Paragraph -Three or four sentences Think of Innercept’s intention, values and focus on Integral Life Practices / such as:

· What drew you to Innercept?

· What about Innercept resonates with you personally?

· What can you contribute to the Innercept culture?

· What are your personal experiences with the TLCs?

· Where does your desire to help others come from?

III. Last Paragraph – Two or three sentences Try to make it interesting, most of us like to take walks, read and watch tv – what about your life is a bit different than the average?

· What else would you like us to know about you?

· Special hobbies, Volunteer activities, Community participation

· Family life

I have a Bachelors in business administration and an associates in criminal justice. I served 5 years in the Army as an Infantry Team leader. I spend my off time Playing and creating music and doing outdoors activities. I am married to my wife of 4 years.

Self Biography-A couple paragraphs in length

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