shanki and kartik -Discussion 3replies

shanki and kartik -Discussion 3replies.

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sharathdasari -Basic Discretion Countermeasures

Wiki websites are vital in harnessing information from multiple sources and channeling it to interested users in a structured manner. Wikipedia relies on a network of volunteers to contribute credible knowledge to the public database. The rise in cyber-attacks and fake news is now threatening the accessibility and credibility of information contained in these sites. The necessary discretion measures that can be implemented to mitigate the above threats include. First, incorporating networks filters and boosting network capacity handling capabilities. The purpose of this measure is to block unverified traffic that may contain hacking tools. The following standard improves network resilience in the face of distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks (Gulihar & Gupta, 2020). These attacks cause temporary unavailability of services as the network is flooded with multiple requests. This makes it difficult for the system to distinguish between actual and fake applications leading to downtimes. The continuous accessibility of wiki services depends on an open and secure internet. Wikipedia has upgraded cybersecurity features on its sites to conform to Google standards. Google analytics ranks it favorably.

Wiki sites contain full information whose credibility cannot be instantly verified. They can be utilized as avenues of propagating false information that mischaracterizes individuals to score political points. This partly explains why Wikipedia is not an authoritative source of information in scholarly works (Francke & Sundin, 2017). To mitigate this threat, Wikipedia should raise the bar on the kind of individuals assigned the privileges of updating the information. The current policy allows virtually any person with a wiki account to make the adjustments. The new policy should ban the practice of adding new information without backing it up with quality references. This will undoubtedly cordon off individuals with malicious intentions. Safeguarding informational integrity is a critical element in information security. Erroneous details lead to bad decisions that might cost lives. Individuals who conduct modifications to information must professionally perform their duties. Discretion countermeasures apply to all infrastructures whose functionality depends on the internet. Currently, critical infrastructures like electrical grids, industrial control systems, and transportation hubs are threatened by hackers. Necessary countermeasures like routine vulnerability testing and continuous software upgrades can reduce the susceptibility of these systems to attacks (Lewis, 2019). Moreover, cybersecurity professionals should strive to be ahead of the hackers. They should develop solutions that forestall future attacks. The pace of obsolescence of cyber solutions is alarming. Security features of the previous years are unworkable because hackers have compromised them.

Harsha- The threats related to security is no longer restricted to the computers, networking or dealing with servers. The devices that manage printing, such as lasers need adequate countermeasures to fight against such cyber threats. The malfunctioning of the printers are the basic assets of any organization. The capability of the computer to produce enormous prints or photocopies have increased considerably, but have been majorly under the verge of security threats. There exists a functional software called the firmware, which can be changed or compromised. Such devices can also be used as means of intrusion while one enters the computer networking business, which also serve to spoil the potential of business for various malicious attempts. The devices that are Ricoh designed have been built as the only authentic module for boosting the work of the firmware (Qiao, Wu, Wang & Gao, 2011).

Security measures can be of various types such as high, low and no-tech. They are used in particular combination using an efficient programming. Apart from using firmware, there are various printers that are occupied by malfunction, but at the same time under the engagement of installing applications. These applications if permitted to run, they could easily ease the accessibility for the hacker to enter into the system and encourage cyber threats. Ricoh’s products highly deal with such malfunctions that will permit the installation of applications only when the digital signature is verified (ZHANG & FAN, 2009).

The enabling of the device may also make the user understand to connect it to the exterior world either through a telephone line. This would mean that the device has the potential to present unauthorized accessibility. The Ricoh software has been specially designed to smoothen the process of allowing only adequate data which his required for a particular functioning. Through the fax, only data pertaining to it can be achieved, therefore the accessibility from the fax networking or to other programs from entering into the device can be stopped (Dulphy, 2018).

Navatha-The role of IT management is to maintain the machine and to ensure that operations succeed, they are often intimately involved with infrastructure management to ensure the availability of data in a cloud computing environment, sometimes without the knowledge of the customer. It is a mix of knowledge, process and systems, they are required to manage and test systems and they need to train and support developers and employees to deliver software, application and services to customers. IT managers are responsible for maintaining and operating the IT infrastructure, and for ensuring that data and applications are secured against theft. Employees know that IT managers are the most valuable resource they can use for their own professional development, and they are much more likely to recommend IT management when working in other fields (Du Plessis, M. (2007)).

The role of IT management in setting up a technology solution for the enterprise depends on the issue at hand, the scenario of the application and the type of problem that needs to be solved. The success of the application will depend on how well IT understands the issue and how much time is available for testing the solution before deployment. When the solution is to be delivered and has been designed, the role of IT manager starts to take place. IT Management is all about using advancements in technology to simplify these processes and help make your business run more smoothly. Email, messengers, social platforms, and virtual assistants are all readily available and will all streamline your essential processes, making your work less stressful while keeping you more productive. An IT background is required to effectively protect information and its business value. The fundamentals of Information Technology relate to modern computer networks (such as the Internet), desktop and laptop computers, routers, telecommunication systems, and application software (Du Plessis, M. (2007)).

shanki and kartik -Discussion 3replies

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