Short Essay on “The Legacy of Unresolved Loss”

Short Essay on “The Legacy of Unresolved Loss”.

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For this assignment, you will be evaluating the family from the video, “The Legacy of

Unresolved Loss” ( We will be watching the

video in class. In this paper, you will evaluate this family using some of the topics that we have

covered in class so far. Focus on and address the following issues in your paper:

1. What evidence do you see that the therapist is approaching the family’s issues from a

family systems perspective? Social construction: discourse dependent theory? A family

communications patterns theory? Why?

2. Where would you place this family on Olson’s circumplex model (chapter 2)? Why?

For example, how do they manage the issues related to adaptability (level of change,

leadership, roles, and relationship rules) and cohesion (involvement, loyalty and

togetherness, independence, and individuality) as well as characteristics of

communication (listening, speaking, self-disclosure, clarity, staying on topic, and respect

and regard, as a family?

3. How would you describe the relational culture in this family (chapter 4)?

4. What seem to be some rules in this family regarding communication?

-Should be roughly 2-3 pages,

formatted in APA style.

Short Essay on “The Legacy of Unresolved Loss”

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