Social Media and Evidence

Social Media and Evidence.

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For this assignment, locate a Twitter feed, Facebook profile, or other social presence for a celebrity. This can be an actor, athlete, musician, or even a religious figure. Choose someone that you are interested in or someone you’ve heard a lot about and want to investigate. Remember: You do not need to join a social network to view this information. See Next Steps on the previous page for more tips on finding this information.

  • Once you find your subject, observe ways in which this well-known person chose to represent himself/herself online. Note trends in posts by using the criteria provided in the lesson. Record an oral response of 5-7 minutes describing what you saw during your observation.
  • Next formulate an argument you could make based upon the evidence you saw. Record an oral response of 5-7 minutes that includes your argument and how your argument would pass the four argument tests described in the lesson or where you might need more information.

You do not need to record a response but write out a response that would be 5-7 minutes please.

The four argument tests are attached.

Social Media and Evidence

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