Social Media and Professional image

Social Media and Professional image.

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Purpose of assignment: To gain practice in networking, which is very important for success in business communication. As you prepare for your networking event, you will draw upon new business communication tools from this course and proceed on your path towards your strategic career vision.


1. Attend your chosen event. Show up, look professional, be friendly, be excited and happy to meet someone, share business cards, listen and reflect the other’s intent, mingle, be a connector to ideas and people, be helpful to someone, etc.

2. Gain at least 2-5 new professional contacts.

3. Follow up with at least one of your new contacts with at least one helpful resource for them and one thoughtful career question.

4. Please submit in your initial discussion post:

  • the networking event you attended, the dates/places/times,
  • how it related to your strategic professional development/career path,
  • the 2-5 new contacts (name, company, contact info) you met, and
  • your follow up communications (who was this to, the medium you used, what you said – provide sample “Thank you” notes, for example).

Paste your work directly into the discussion textbox.

Social Media and Professional image

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