Social Media Recommendation Report

Social Media Recommendation Report.

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Social Media Recommendation Report

For this assignment, assume that your organization has the ability (staff/resources) to host multiple social media accounts. Some of these accounts may already be “up and running” and others may be ideas that you have not had time to launch yet.

Your boss loves the fact that social media is a way to connect with your audiences in an interactive way but being from the “non-social media” generation he/she really does not know which platforms are best and moreover how to fit those social media activities into a communication program.

The assignment:

Your boss says that one of the objectives of your communication plan is to “develop relationships with key audience members” and a classic strategy for this is to “implement multiple social media platform accounts” …. and you are now responsible for drafting a recommendation report.

Prepare a 1-2 page report that includes the following headings:

  • Objective and Strategy (use the items listed in the PPT)
  • Social Media Tactics (list social media platforms by name — this can be a bulleted list of platforms)
  • Rationale — explain why each platform would be a good idea, including the type of audiences/messages/you might be able to include
  • Sample messages — provide one sample message for each platform
  • Suggested timing/frequency — if you have any ideas about how often or when to share these messages, it would be acceptable to include that here

NOTE: If you are proposing a blog, podcast, or YouTube series, you do not have to write the whole series. Simply suggest some “titles” or “topics” that you think would be helpful.

Social Media Recommendation Report

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