social psychology in teaching

social psychology in teaching.

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  • Participant Selection – Select a person to interview for the project. Identify the job position by describing in detail what duties take place.
    • What is the job description?
    • What opportunities are there for the individual to interact with others?
    • Does the individual work in a group? If not, describe the interactions that the individual may have with others. If the individual does work in groups, discuss the dynamic of roles and responsibilities within the group.
    • The participant selection should take place between weeks 1 and 3.
    • This selection will be turned in for Milestone 1 (week 3).

  • Anticipated social psychological topics– Each week we are learning new behaviors and phenomena that take place relating to social psychology.
    • Identify at least one behavior from each of the chapters that we encounter (chapters 1-11) to relate to what you learn about the individual’s job/career.
    • This list will need to be made prior to the interview so that questions can be related specifically to those topics. You may add more terms to the list after the interview is concluded.
    • This list will need to be turned in for Milestone 2 (week 5).
  • Interview – Create questions (at least 11) related to the topics chosen in the chapters. Remember that you are the expert in social psychology, and therefore, your questions should be phrased to collect information about that topic. You would NOT say something like: “Is there any social loafing here?” This is because the participant may not understand what social loafing is, like you will. Instead, ask a question like, “What tasks in your job require more than one person to work on a project? In your opinion, does everyone put in the same effort for group projects?”
    • The interview should take place between week 4 and 6.
    • The interview questions will need to be turned in as a part of Milestone 2’s requirements (week 5).

  • Summarize the Interview – Revisit the terms that you chose from the chapters. Describe how the individual may encounter that phenomenon in the place of employment. Summarize the answers to the interview questions. Feel free to quote from your participant as well.
  • Suggestions for Improvement – Based on what you have observed from the interview, and what you have learned in the textbook readings, what suggestions or advice would you provide for each phenomenon covered to someone that works in that job/career? How might they have a more positive, productive environment based on your advice? This aspect of the assignment will be turned in as a part of the final project (week 7).

For writing purposes, organize the paper based on the headings listed above. Use APA style writing for margins, spacing, and general formatting. The following is expected for the write-up:

  • APA style title page
  • APA style abstract – Summarize your paper in 150-250 words.
  • Body of the paper (at least 3 full pages of writing):
    • Description of job duties
    • Anticipated social psychological topics
    • Interview questions asked and summary of answers
    • Suggestions for improvement based on what you have observed for each topic
  • APA style references (but make sure you use citations throughout the body of the paper as well).

social psychology in teaching

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