Social science essay

Social science essay.

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You have 5 days to complete the outline and 10 to complete the essay(part 2) and assignment 2

Assignment 1

Part 1

Once you have a topic, go outside of PEW to research the problem and possible solutions. Then, download and fill out the SS Essay Outline with References. Add your information to the prompts. Submit to this Dropbox. The outline should provide a brief description of the forthcoming essay. ( 20 points )

Part 2

Complete a four (4) paragraph draft of your essay (600 words). (APA). (100 points)

Assignment 2,


Popular music has brought national attention to social problems, such as war, poverty, and wrongful death. With that in mind, please do the following:

Watch R&B artist Miguel’s music video, Candles in the Sun” (lyrics here) and start a new thread in the discussion forum:

Identify one social problem the artist speaks about through his lyrics.

Discuss this problem’s impact on American culture.

100 word minimum. (10 points)


Please visit Pew Research Center’s Social Trends and review the topics. Find a topic that you might turn into a problem/solution essay. Start a new thread in the discussion forum:

Identify the social problem you wish to write about

Discuss why you think the issue would make a good essay.

100 words (10 points)

Social science essay

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