statistic 17


The purpose of this project is to give you a better understanding of statistical studies, what

goes into creating them and how important it is to be able to read them correctly.

Create a survey question about a topic that you find particularly interesting. It can involve

politics, entertainment, college, etc. Survey 30 people and record your data. Then answer the

following questions:

1) Why did you choose the topic?

2) Is the data you collected qualitative or quantitative?

3) What sampling method did you use to survey people and why?

4) What sort of bias did you find in your study and what could you have done differently to

avoid it?

5) Looking at your data, what sort of conclusions can you draw?

Finally, create a frequency table of your data and then graph your results in both a pie chart

and a bar graph. Be sure to include your data on a separate sheet when you submit your


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