Strategic Marketing Plan: Samsung

Strategic Marketing Plan: Samsung.

Help me study for my Marketing class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Strategic Marketing Plan (5000 words, 1300 already completed):

  • Provide a detailed and comprehensive plan for your chosen product/brand (Samsung) that brings all elements together
  • The plan should include key, useful recommendations and should consider how it will be implemented from a practical perspective.


  • Executive Summary
  • Brief Introduction
  • 1.0 Mission Statement
  • 2.0 Corporate Objectives
  • 3.0 The Marketing Audit (1300 words, Already completed)
  • 4.0 Marketing Objectives
  • 5.0 Marketing Strategies
  • 6.0 Marketing Mix Proposal
  • 7.0 Implementation and Control
  • 8.0 Key recommendations
  • References
  • Appendices (not included in overall word count)
  • Turnitin-resistant
  • Will provide you with a few relevant articles

Strategic Marketing Plan: Samsung

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