Structures Pre-Cast and Tilt-up Construction

Structures Pre-Cast and Tilt-up Construction.

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This assignment may be prepared and turned in via Blackboard or email in MS Word or pdf format. Pre-cast concrete is used widely in commercial, industrial and institutional projects. Placing pre-cast concrete elements falls in to three main categories: 1) pre-cast structural columns, beams and decks, 2) complete pre-cast wall sections, and 3) pre-cast concrete finishing elements (non-structural decorative elements). These elements are manufactured off-site and delivered to the site where they are installed. Tilt-up concrete construction also involves placement of pre-cast concrete wall sections, however the sections are cast on-site, then lifted into place. The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to and familiarize yourself with pre-cast and tilt-up concrete construction. It is not a research project, so answers should be brief.

1. How are pre-cast concrete elements set in to place? What equipment is used to manipulate them into position?

2. How are tilt-up sections lifted and set into place? What equipment is used?

3. How are tilt-up wall sections and pre-cast wall sections held in place and kept stable until the deck and roof structural system is in place?

4. What is the main difference between pre-cast construction and tilt-up construction?

5. What are the safety considerations when placing pre-cast or tilt-up wall sections?

6. What are the advantages of using pre-cast construction?

7. How are pre=cast structural elements (columns, beams, deck sections) connected to each other? What equipment is needed?

Structures Pre-Cast and Tilt-up Construction

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