study number 3

study number 3.

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Feasibility Study– Part 3

It is the third of three assignments that provide you a framework for your Final Paper. Continue to follow the written assignment instructions we have provided in this course. Do not include a cover sheet for this assignment. Do provide appropriate citations and a bibliography according to APA style.

Provide the following information in a three- to five- page, double-spaced Microsoft Word document:

1. A Financial Plan for your company’s initial start-up costs. Please create a spreadsheet that projects the initial startup costs for your company. In addition, please provide an overview of how you will fund the start-up costs (e.g., personal finances, loans, partners, grants, etc.). Read The attached file is a three-page PDF version of an article by small business expert Steve Strauss providing insight on initial startup costs. Follow the steps in Strauss’ article to complete this portion of your assignment.

2. The Organizational Structure of your company. Include a one-page organization chart in either Microsoft Word or PowerPoint along with one or two pages of narrative describing the organizational structure you envision for your company.

Small Business Expenses – Calculate your Startup Cost.pdf

study number 3

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